Monday, October 27, 2014

The Art Critic

When I finish a painting I don't just feel accomplished. I feel giddy and artistically invincible -- for a few days. Then I begin to notice all the imperfections in my work. My artistic weaknesses nag at me, sometimes scream at me. 
I'm hard on myself, and I know it. 

The problem is, self-deprecation can become a bad habit. It can keep me from making art at all.

sketch by Lacie Myers  2014

 I don't find fault in my paintings in order to get attention and have people tell me things like, "Oh don't be so hard on yourself," or "I love your art!" I do it because it's genuinely how I feel. Or part of how I feel anyway.

But, there is another side of me. A side that recognizes my strengths and wants to keep building from that place.

I want to dissect my criticism and keep the part that will make me a better artist, leaving the pity party behind.

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