Friday, February 21, 2014

Painting Almond Blossoms

In 2000 when I first began drawing and painting, I used soft pastels to paint a picture of an almond orchard in bloom. I think it was a great beginner's attempt, but it's packed away now, and I don't even know where. It's a precise and carefully rendered piece, but it lacks spirit. I know that now. Painting the gestalt of a tree, an orchard, a person, or even an object is much harder for me to do than merely copying what I see in front of me.
 I want to paint how it feels to see all those blossoms at once; to see the space around me utterly transformed by the pink and white delicacies that arrive on their own timetable. I'm challenging myself to paint the blossoms this year while they are still here. This is my first attempt (in progress) of a sketch in watercolor:

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