Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Book Review: Shifting by Bethany Wiggins

Firsts are exciting. This week I read my first "Uncorrected Advance Proof," also known as an "Advanced Readers Copy." It means the book was privately released by its publisher before being released for mass distribution. 

Young adult author, Elana Johnson, offered this opportunity to some of her fellow blog readers, and I was thrilled to accept it! The goal is to generate support for debut author, Bethany Wiggins, and spread the word about her first novel, Shifting.

cover of uncorrected advance proof 

cover you will find at local Barnes & Noble

This is a captivating story! It's considered part of the newest genre of young adult books called, "teen paranormal romance," but don't let the genre name get in your way.

I read this book's 352 pages in four days in between all the other busyness of my life, and that's fast for me. It sucked me in early and kept me coming back. It provided me with an easy, alluring escape from my "regular" life, and that's one of the reasons I read novels. 

I enjoyed experiencing the growth of Maggie Mae, her relationships with Bridger and Mrs. C, and the mystery surrounding it all. The New Mexico setting and Navajo folklore added an unexpected and enriching cultural dimension. 

Everyone reading this advance proof was encouraged to write comments in the margins of the book. I had so much fun adding my comments to those who read it before me. We also had the option of writing a personal note to the author, Bethany Wiggins. It reminded me of signing yearbooks in high school -- something I loved to do.

In regards to the love story portion of the novel, one of the comments said it perfectly: "Thank you for keeping Maggie Mae and Bridger honorable." 

And thank you Bethany for the great entertainment!

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  1. That's really neat, I like both covers and I am very curious about the book.


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