Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Autumn Adjustments

Christine, Ember Rose, Lacie
September 2011

I always welcome the fall, but I usually underestimate the time, energy, and focus it takes to adjust to a new school year. I also forget how much dust I will breathe in while the thousands of acres of almonds and walnuts are harvested around me. Oh, and the spiders! Sometimes I wonder if the farmers shake them right out of their trees along with the nuts and then send them over to my house to live. 

While we are focusing our energy on tidying and ordering our lives so we can accomplish our lofty goals, nature is unraveling and leaving her debris at our feet. Such is the order of things.




We ALL do this ALL the time, don't we? Sometimes it's hard, and yet we just keep pushing ourselves without stopping to see how much we've already accomplished. My son, Eli, and I made a deal last week:

Everyday we will practice looking for the things we have done right, and be generous with each other when we miss the mark.

My son, Shane, wrote a song called Grow and Learn, and I've caught myself singing it several times this week. The bee-bop beat helps me navigate the changes with a little more bounce in my step. Here it is:

The Weepies have a great song about change as well:

I am grateful for a strong, supportive family, and friends. We help each other through the changes.


  1. Lacie! Hi! I check in with you every once in a while... love you and your family too. I'm wondering how I can get one of Shane's albums, or just a couple of his songs.

  2. Yes, a new school year throttles every molecule of my teacher body. It's worth it though to get to know the 30+ new faces and talents in my 5th grade class. Thank for the musical inspirations.


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