Friday, July 29, 2011

Talents and More Talents

We all have them. Sometimes we call them gifts because we are surprised by them - just as if we were handed a box, not knowing what was inside, and carefully unwrapped the colorful paper to discover something exciting, and that something is us! 

photo by Sid McNulty

Sometimes we see the talents of others before they do and we get to be the one to tell them, "WOW! You're incredible!" The gift is already theirs, but we wrap it up and finish it off with a sparkly bow. Then we feel great! We're excited to see what they do with their talents and know that as long as new people are born on this earth, the talent pool will grow, change, and diversify, and they will be the creators of new books, movies, songs, and inventions that will amaze us! Whew!

One of my favorite things about raising children has been watching their talents emerge and helping them find expression for their gifts. I often marvel that if I had 100 children (same husband) they would all look different, be different, and have different abilities to share with the world. Now multiply that by whatever huge number is your favorite and you have my most optimistic and exciting view of the future talent pool!

A couple of years ago when I first thought about creating a blog, I wanted to showcase the art and talents of my family and friends. Now that I actually have a blog I just use it to brag about my own talents. 



Today I want to spread the word about some of the local talent from Durham, California, so I'm showcasing another song written and performed by  All Sixes and Sevens. 

All  Sixes and Sevens,  photo by Sid McNulty
Click below to listen to Flipside.

To read more about this band and hear another song, Foolhardy Son, go here.


  1. I don't think I've ever thought about that--new talents being developed in the future that don't even exist yet. What a cool thing to think about! And yay! Flipside is my favorite song by them! :)

  2. Great way to get the word out. I enjoyed the song!


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