Monday, July 25, 2011

The Sky Is Everywhere

There are so many ways for something to be amazing, so I won't tell you the book I just finished was amazing. I will tell you the characters are unique and memorable. They remind me of people who walked through my childhood with me. I will tell you the story is funny, heart-wrenching, and beautiful. I will also tell you that reading it opened a floodgate of teenage memories. 

The writing style is unique, and fresh, and every word counts. I want so badly to recommend it to people because:

1.  The author deserves the credit 

2.   Someone else may become as smitten by this book as I was, and I don't want anyone to miss that.

3.   In many ways it's a great writing model for contemporary fiction.

But....I am very particular about the books I recommend, and this one has some questionable content (you know--sex, violence, or cussing) -- just like life.  

So, with that warning, I give you The Sky Is Everywhere.

And thank you, Jandy Nelson, for an unforgettable summer read!

Have you read anything amazing this summer? I figure I can still fit in a few more books, so what do you have for me?


  1. Hi Lacie -
    Glad you posted about this; I'd forgotten you told me about it when we were there - just requested it from the library.

    This summer I'm reading through Susan Wiggs' Lakeshore Chronicles (listed below). I like how she writes about families, difficulties in life & unusual/complex love stories + fun to follow characters through time :-)

    Summer at Willow Lake (2006)
    The Winter Lodge
    Snowfall at Willow Lake
    Lakeshore Christmas
    Marrying Daisy Bellamy (2011)

    & a novella "Homecoming Season"
    in More Than Words-Vol. 3


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