Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flash Fiction Blogfest

It's time for me to learn something new about blog culture. If you're new to this you can learn with me. Here we go....

flash fiction -- a style of fiction characterized by extreme brevity, or in other words, very short fiction

blogfest -- an online celebration linking bloggers with common interests

blog hop -- moving from one blog to another reading posts and leaving comments of encouragement

This Friday, July 15th, I'll be participating in my first blogfest, hosted by writer Ali Cross. That means three things:

1. I will be writing a piece of fiction (250 words or less) using this theme:

It's Independence Day and something unexpected happens...

2. I will be posting that piece of fiction here for anyone to read. 

3. I will be posting links to other bloggers who are joining the fest so you can easily click on a link and see what they wrote as well. 

There is still time if any of you want to join the fest and write something too! Just click on the link below.


  1. Thanks for posting more about the flash ficiton blog event. I'm excited to participate.
    I'm even more excited to find another author/illustrator. I looked back at your blog to look for artwork. I found your tree. I like it. When I was young and doodled a lot it was usually mermaids. Strange, not one mermaid on the wild Canadian prairie I grew up on. Now I spend my time painting cows. Kind of ironic, eh.

  2. Lacie! Don't forget to post your entry today! I want to read it!

    And thank you for the shout-out!


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