Monday, July 11, 2011

Adventures With Clay Part Two

When I came to ceramics class the week after 4th of July, a great surprise awaited me -- the look of intensity on the face of my usually happy instructor... She took me straight to the kiln to see the damage:

Pooders had partially exploded during firing! I just said, "Oh well. It was a risky project from the beginning. It's really okay. I had a great time making it and learned a lot."

 My instructor assumed responsibility, but I just figured it was the luck of the draw. She later told me that she had rushed the firing and started the kiln before the cat was completely dry inside. She felt terrible, and I became suddenly aware of the unforeseen stresses of being a ceramics instructor. Who knew?

In the words of one of my classmates, "You are bold to attempt a project like this." Honestly it was the challenge that attracted me. I figured, it's just clay. The worst that can happen is it won't work out. But the story isn't over. The new challenge is how to use what is left of Pooders to make a different piece of art. 

The happy part of this accident -- the prettiest parts of the cat are still intact. He still has potential.

Art changes us -- just like novels change us and people change us. My Adventures With Clay have already changed me, and I'm taking what I learned from Pooders (broken or not) with me to the next phase of this adventure -- whatever it is.

What do you think? Should I fill him in with plaster? Play archaeologist and piece him back together? Leave him as is and stain him to look like an ancient, damaged marble statue?

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  1. Hi Lacie -
    What about painting the inside of him (seen where he fell apart) in bright colors & the outside a more usual sedate cat color? He looks very calm & quiet, but would show how you never know what brilliant creativity is going on behind those closed eyes!

    Good luck with the blogfest. FUN!!


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