Monday, June 6, 2011

Trees, Trees, Trees............

I should offer a prize to the person who keeps track of how many times I mention trees on this blog. It will probably be often, so if you have something against trees,'ve been warned.

When you were a kid did you have a certain doodle or drawing you did over and over? Did it come out of the end of  your pencil or crayon every time you picked it up, without you even thinking? Maybe you were like me and it was the only thing you felt confident drawing? When I was a kid my trademark doodle was this:

And yeah, it didn't even include a body!

 Today, even though I can draw lots of things, I still have a trademark doodle:

And yeah, most of the time it doesn't have any leaves!

Trees (even without their leaves) make me feel things that I cannot explain with words. That happened one spring while walking at the Tree Farm in Chico. At times like that, I  just have to paint!

Canopy     by Lacie Myers 2009

If you have a signature doodle you'd like to share, paste it in the comments section, or email it to


  1. Trees are magical. I can't quite describe how I feel about them either, or why. They just get to me, in a good way.

    I tend to mostly draw flowers when I'm doodling, and mostly roses. Like in the background of this:

  2. There is definitely something about trees and art or creative expression. My doodle was always a palm tree. Maybe it has to do with the trees you grow up with, or flowers... the consistent life around you that grounds you to the roots of your existence. Hmm....


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