Friday, June 10, 2011

All Sixes and Sevens

Many of you know that my son, Shane, is a musician. When he was thirteen, after seven years of classical piano lessons, he decided to play the guitar instead. He taught himself, as did two of my other children, and then he and a few friends started a rock band. They stayed together through junior high and high school, with a few minor changes in band members. They practiced in garages, living rooms, back yards, and bedrooms, learning the songs of their favorite rock groups.

Nicho Ocampo, Nate McKeever, Taylor Bradley, Shane Myers
(photo by Sid McNulty)

They chose the name All Sixes and Sevens, worked hard together and began writing their own music and lyrics. They played at school dances, community events, local cafes, a few fundraisers, and participated  in a few local band competitions. They had very limited funds for equipment, but still managed to make some great music and establish a modest local fan base. During their senior year of high school they had a professional recording made of their original compositions, resulting in their first album, Flipside.

Almost eight months ago Shane left on a two year mission to Romania, and the band began a two year break. The other band members are attending college, and all look forward to more music together in the future. Sometimes when I am missing Shane I listen to that CD just to hear his voice and music filling my house again.

Click the gray arrow below to hear one of my favorites, Foolhardy Son, words and music by Shane Myers, performed by All Sixes and Sevens

Thanks for the great music guys!

If you are already a fan, which song is your favorite? Post it in the comments section, and I can spotlight it in a future post.


  1. I was listening to this song, and Tony thought it was something from my iTunes. Shane is amazing. Can we buy their cd?

  2. That was totally awesome to hear that song from your blog. It made me homesick. You are the greatest Lacie.

  3. That's one of my favorites also, It's nice and mellow. I didn't remember them having bright colored guitars?


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