Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Love Triangle

For eight years now I have been in a love triangle with Art and Writing. I figured eventually I would have to choose one love over the other--for the sake of practicality--but I felt no need to rush. I wanted this love affair to unfold without forcing, which meant lots of paying attention on my part (and analyzing which I'm very good at). In one corner of the triangle is me painting and drawing-- the chatter of my mind is quieted. Time becomes irrelevant, and I emerge from this place energized and happy. My family encourages me to spend time in this corner! In the other corner is me writing--something I have been compelled to do since I began my first diary at age ten. My thoughts lie down on paper and behave. Stories come and insist on being written. I emerge from this corner stimulated and empowered. In the third corner is me gazing outward at my two loves--one right-brained and the other left-brained, knowing that without them I would loose my balance. So my love triangle endures.


  1. Hi Lacie!! I'm cheering you on! I will be excited to read more of your blog posts. Also, I just read a super fun book that I bet you'd love too. It's called "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie". Just a fun mystery and super clever. I love the author, Alan Bradley...I think that's his name. This is his first book at 70 years old! He's very inspiring to me. Anyway, I'm anxious to read more of your work and see more of your art. :o) Jeanette

  2. Oh, I am so excited to see this blog! Lacie, you are so talented and I am amazed by what you can do!


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