Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm No Anne Frank

When I was eleven, I adored everything about this book-- bright colors, beautiful fabric cover, empty pages waiting for my words, and especially the tiny lock and key! When you read the following excerpts you'll know why I needed to keep everyone out of it!

June 27, 1973       (excerpts from Lacie's diary at age 11)

         Me and Bonnie learned sign language from Linda today. I saw Edward. He likes me and I like him. He said he would give me a birthday kiss.

June 28, 1973  

         I went swimming and the boys were throwing us in. Edward and the other boys got in and were dunking us. Edward dunked me the most, and he really likes my sister, yet he said I was even cuter than her! Ted pulled my earring off, and Eddie was concerned.. Steve found it later. Eddie begged me to go swimming again. I did. I like him.

June 6, 1973

     Edward keeps calling me Cutie!
July 29, 1973

        Today Edward started getting fresh with Kim, and they aren't even supposed to be seeing each other. They meet secretly at the school and kiss.

Wow! Embarrassing! I hope my potential as a writer will not be judged on this! And who is Edward, anyway? I did think about things other than boys at this age, but I sure didn't write about them. What a fine sample of my eleven year old psyche I have preserved for my posterity!  
Granted, Anne Frank was thirteen when she wrote her diary, and I was eleven, but even at eleven I think she would have made better use of hers than I did. 


  1. I love your blog Aunt Lacie!! So funny, I too got my old diary out recently and laughed hysterically at how dramatic everything was! I love it! :)

  2. Lacie...u remind me alot about your grandma Jean..she was into reading,writing,music..and knew alot about human nature....I wonder who got her diarys...or if you will her writings...blessings to u.....aunt betty


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