Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm No Anne Frank

When I was eleven, I adored everything about this book-- bright colors, beautiful fabric cover, empty pages waiting for my words, and especially the tiny lock and key! When you read the following excerpts you'll know why I needed to keep everyone out of it!

June 27, 1973       (excerpts from Lacie's diary at age 11)

         Me and Bonnie learned sign language from Linda today. I saw Edward. He likes me and I like him. He said he would give me a birthday kiss.

June 28, 1973  

         I went swimming and the boys were throwing us in. Edward and the other boys got in and were dunking us. Edward dunked me the most, and he really likes my sister, yet he said I was even cuter than her! Ted pulled my earring off, and Eddie was concerned.. Steve found it later. Eddie begged me to go swimming again. I did. I like him.

June 6, 1973

     Edward keeps calling me Cutie!
July 29, 1973

        Today Edward started getting fresh with Kim, and they aren't even supposed to be seeing each other. They meet secretly at the school and kiss.

Wow! Embarrassing! I hope my potential as a writer will not be judged on this! And who is Edward, anyway? I did think about things other than boys at this age, but I sure didn't write about them. What a fine sample of my eleven year old psyche I have preserved for my posterity!  
Granted, Anne Frank was thirteen when she wrote her diary, and I was eleven, but even at eleven I think she would have made better use of hers than I did. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vampires in Brasov?

My friend Emily and I meet on Wednesday mornings to analyze Juliet Marillier's young adult novel, Wildwood Dancing. When my husband first heard of our plans he said, " So-- is that fun for you?" Until that moment I hadn't thought about how others might view our form of entertainment. This novel is not just one of our favorites; it's an impressive specimen of storytelling. Juliet Marillier weaves historical fiction with fantasy and her readers grow to love the five human sisters as well as the dwarfs, trolls, and forest folk of the Wildwood. The vampires, or Night People, leave their mark, but do not dominate this adventure.

 Brasov, Romania
The two worlds in this book are captivating in their own right, but I am drawn to them on a more personal level. The setting for the novel is Brasov, Romania-- and the surrounding mountain area-- where my son happens to be living and serving a mission. Romania is divided into regions, similar to counties, and Brasov is in the Transylvania region. Can anyone hear that name without thinking of vampires? Monday my son sent photos he took in Brasov. He claims the city and forests that gather around it take his breath away! This region is home to many legends and popular tourist spots, and it claims to be "The best city in the world." Ironically, this region owes much of its enduring fame to the pale, cold ones.

Brasov, Romania

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Love Triangle

For eight years now I have been in a love triangle with Art and Writing. I figured eventually I would have to choose one love over the other--for the sake of practicality--but I felt no need to rush. I wanted this love affair to unfold without forcing, which meant lots of paying attention on my part (and analyzing which I'm very good at). In one corner of the triangle is me painting and drawing-- the chatter of my mind is quieted. Time becomes irrelevant, and I emerge from this place energized and happy. My family encourages me to spend time in this corner! In the other corner is me writing--something I have been compelled to do since I began my first diary at age ten. My thoughts lie down on paper and behave. Stories come and insist on being written. I emerge from this corner stimulated and empowered. In the third corner is me gazing outward at my two loves--one right-brained and the other left-brained, knowing that without them I would loose my balance. So my love triangle endures.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thank You Shannon Hale!

Have you read The Books of Bayern, a series by young adult author, Shannon Hale? The first book, Goose Girl,  immediately became one of my all time favorites. This retelling of a German fairy tale is rich, beautiful, and exciting--full of powerful characters, adventure, and stunning metaphors. I became attached to all the characters and just had to read the rest of the series. I am sure you know what I mean! The fourth book in the series, Forest Born, inspired me to paint this:

"Forest Born" painted by Lacie Myers

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